Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 3-Vatican City

Today we spent the day touring the Vatican, the Sistene Chapel, and St. Peter's Basilica. It was absolutely beautiful and something we've always dreamed of seeing. We left with lots of questions we want to get answered seeing as how we are not Catholic and don't understand some of the "Catholic" ways. We look forward to researching that when we get home. We went out for a fabulous dinner tonight in Piaza Cavour again. We are terribly sad that this is our last night in Rome but looking forward to getting on the boat tomorrow and seeing things at our other stops. The people come to get our bags at 8 am so we need to get some sleep tonight! Especially since we haven't gotten up before 9:45 am both mornings!! Poor us!! See ya'll at our next stop in Sicilly! Happy Birthday tomorrow Adiah!!! We'll try and skype before we leave our port!

Entrance to Vatican City! Did you know its considered its own country? Cool! When we entered we actually left Italy!

St. Peter's square

Our dinner tonight. Gnocchi with fresh mozzerella and tomato sauce. Yummo!

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M Holly said...

You didn't eat your basil! Love reminiscing (sp?) with you. I need to go back to Italy!