Saturday, August 14, 2010

More pictures from our trip!

Ya'll. I know. It's been slow going getting any pictures from our trip on this blog. But re-entry into life with 5 kids has been C-RAZY to say the least. We had back to school shopping, dentist appointments, friend sleepovers to name a few. But I'll try and get a couple of pictures on here tonight and then add a few more later. I needed to get this taken care of so I can blog about other things. starting cats named George and Pink Lady, etc. Enjoy! (Man, I had so much fun on our trip!!!) And then I have some other news like how I'm going to Rwanda this December with Visiting Orphans that I'm so excited about!! Can't wait to fill you all in!!!!

Before we left Rome for the port we had coffee at a little cafe down the street from our hotel.

I was not a big fan of their espresso. Maybe it tastes like that everywhere, I dunno. Blech.

When we got on the boat we headed straight for our room to settle in!!

I remember Brian telling me to do this...not sure why!!

We got a bottle of champagne in our room! Brian nearly hit me in the eye with that cork!

The view outside on our balcony before we left

Our first stop was Sicily. We took a tour bus to several places...the first was shopping in Taormina! Such a fun and beautiful little place! This was us in front of some church.

More shopping in Taormina...

The view from a cafe we got Diet Cokes at while shopping. Breath taking for sure!

One of my "must haves" was cannolis in Sicily! They did not disappoint!

We went to Mt. Etna for a quick visit...we brought home some lava rock for the kids!

Wine tasting at a winery in Sicily

The night before we arrived in our scheduled stop in Turkey we got a note from the captain that informed us that violence had increased towards American tourists in the last few days in Turkey. He advised us not to get off the we listened. We spent the day chilling by the pool but were quite disappointed that we missed out on our excursion that day. These were taken from the boat.

We went to Athens, Greece for our next stop. We decided to tour Athens on our own. We went to the Acropolis and also did some shopping.

The shopping in Athens was less than desirable! Lots of things our eyes should not see! But we had fun eating gyros and relaxing! This picture was taken right after I spilled a strawberry icee on my lap!!

The last stop we made was in Crete. We had to get off the boat at 7am in order to make our excursion. Our boat was leaving at 1:30pm to head back to Rome so our excursion started early. Unfortunately, we were at a winery for a wine tasting at 8:30 am!!!! Something was definitely wrong with that picture! Had a hard time enjoying that with the taste of toothpaste still in my mouth!

Afterwards we were taken to a restaurant to taste some of the local food in Crete. Some of this was yummy and some...well, not so much. But it also included some sort of strong alcohol which we chose to pass on! Crete was quite beautiful!

While waiting for our bus back to the boat in Crete I came upon this door. I want it!!


MattandSara said...

FI.NA.LLY. Just kidding. Glad to see some pictures from the trip. More?

TriSara said...

Wow! What an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing!