Friday, July 23, 2010

Holy smoly, I'm tired!

But my word, we are having so much fun!!!! Last night Brian and I took an ambien to get some sleep. Lets just say it worked and we didnt leave the room until 11am. But then we didn't get back to the room until almost 8pm so I'd say we made up for lost time. We walked and walked and WALKED! And walked some more! We stopped for lunch at a quaint little italian restaurant near the Colosseum and had pizza with a bunch of water! Its hot here! And then we found our way over to St. Peter's prison where he was held and also where he baptized the other prisoners. From there we bought ourselves a Roma Pass and made our way to the Colosseum and toured that. We bought Rick Steve's guide to Rome on my Kindle before we left which has come in handy. We felt super prepared doing all of this! From there we went to the Musei Capitolini. After touring all of that we made our way to Travestere and found a lovely restaurant where we ate antipasti, parmesan and black pepper pasta, and Lemon Veal to recharge! Also ate some gelato on our stroll home and now we are vegging out at the hotel getting ready for another full day tomorrow!

This would be the address of the hotel we are staying at. For those that know the significance of this number to us...can you dig it? Yeah God!

For Ridge...the Leaning tower of "pizza"!

A whole in the celing of the prison where Peter was. They would lower the prisoners through here.

The Colosseum!

Under the floor of the colosseum where they would store the animals they would often use to fight with the gladiators.

I'm not somewhere in the Colosseum

Brian in the Colosseum

This is not Brian on his cell phone. We rented those audio tour thingies at the Colosseum

Dinner tonight at the fun little restaurant...
Some goofy gladiators roaming around at dinner.

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M Holly said...

I am lovin' it! Keep the blogs and pics coming! Ya'll are having the time of your lives.