Sunday, August 2, 2009

Adiah turned 3!!!

Last Saturday was Adiah's 3rd birthday!! I have no excuse for why it took me so long to document this event. Aliens abducted me. There...I said it.

But the day was so special and once again I found myself crazy emotional thinking about all of the people who love her and were thinking of her on that day. Especially her China mommy. I look at this child and I'm so thankful that God allowed her to come into our lives. But there is one person out there who knows her in a way I will never and who probably experiences a bitter sweet moment on July 25th. And I'm so thankful to her and pray that God will invade her life and help her to feel peace knowing this child is loved and adored by many!

We had an Elmo themed birthday for Adiah with family and a couple of friends! Its was fun! We swam, ate pizza, and opened presents!! Everything a July birthday at home should be!! Enjoy the pictures!

My THREE year old!!

"I'm Blee!"

Sweet kissy lips. I LOVE this kid!!

Uncle Jason taking Adiah down the slide! She thinks that is big fun!

Mimi and Adiah...

Uncle Jason, Nathan, Corban, Brooklyn, and Hollyn(on the steps) having a good time!

Daddy and Adiah having some birthday swimming fun!

Ms. Kelly and Olive came over to help celebrate

Ms. Jettie and her little girl, Avery, came too! We love them!

I like this picture. I really don't know why. Except its fun. This is my dad doing a table dance. Nah. Just kidding. He was probably fixing something. Its what he does.

Adiah LOVED getting dress up clothes. So does mommy, apparently.

And she absolutely loved her new Elmo "j's" from Aunt Sara, Uncle Matt, and family!

She especially loved it when people sang the birthday song to her. She joined in and sang right along!! (I love her little fingers! I could chew on them...and have been known to do so from time to time!)

*We missed Papa Jim, Grammy Linda, and Aunt Kelly! Papa Jim wasn't feeling so hot. We missed you guys!


Jeanette said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet 3 year old! Oh my, can she be 3 already?! It looks like you all had such a special carefree day!

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday Adiah! She has grown so much, it seems like yesterday y'all were just bringing her home!

Kim W. said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Adiah! I can't believe you are already 3!! And I LOVE your big girl bed! :)

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

Kellie and Olive!! Sarah mentioned to me that you know them, Shane and Bethany and my good friend Jeremy Snead. :) I used to work for Jeremy! Don't know Beth..met her once at a dinner party at Shane and Kellie's a long time ago! :) I love your stories! :)