Sunday, August 2, 2009

Big girl bed!!

The day after Adiah's birthday Brian and I purchased her first big girl bed. Actually, when Rhett comes home the two of them will share a room and this was pretty much the only solution we could come up with. Adiah's room is not the biggest in the house and the only other room besides the master that is downstairs. So we had to come up with a way that a three year old and a two year old could share a room...safely! So we purchased this bunk bed that also has a trundle. Needless to say the top bunk will not be used for quite some time!! Actually, we hid the ladder so that its not even a temptation. Someone remind me in about 3 years that we put it in the front coat closet. Thanks.

I needed to borrow my parents bed rail so Adiah would have a little more security when sleeping since she is so used to sleeping in a crib. Good thing I called my dad and asked him to bring it over. Brian sort of strained his back in the process of building this thing so my dad helped out quite a bit!! The first night, Adiah was freaked out when it came to bedtime since we finished putting it together right as it was time for bed. She didn't have any sort of opportunity to get used to the idea of sleeping in it. So Natalie slept on the trundle the first night and said she slept just fine. But the next day Natalie and Ridge left for camp so at bedtime Adiah said "Hum on, Naly"(Come on, Natalie). I informed her that Natalie was bye bye and she went to bed with only a little whining. Mommy on the other hand jumped out of bed at every noise thinking she was crying. But we have not had one problem transitioning her and she stays in her bed until I come get her out every morning and after every nap(Thank you, Jesus! Hall-e-lur-jah!)!!

The crew putting the bed together.

Thanks Brian and Dad!

Adiah's new bed!! I love her bedding! And this was before all of the pieces came in. Can't wait to get Rhett something that goes with it. Mimi is planning on making a quilt for him!

See why I hid the ladder? Look at my dad. He's like..."Amy. Do you see this?"

Night night, sweet Adiah!


Kristi said...

The joys of a big girl bed! She looks so excited and yet timid at the same time! Next thing you know she's gonna be asking for the car keys...

Jenn said...

Karleigh Mei has the same bedding! I love's just so HAPPY! :)