Saturday, November 1, 2008

We Hab Tolds *sniff*.....and Halloween!

Yep you read that right folks...our entire family has passed around a lovely cold to each other. I love how we share so well! Poor Adiah's has turned into a lovely ear infection so we've been a bit under the weather around here. We were still able to enjoy Halloween though (except without Brian. He was on call.) With this being Adiah's very first experience with dressing in a costume, knocking on doors, and having some stranger give her food she did quite well! Actually, she picked it up quickly. After the first house she was a pro at it! We don't live in a neighborhood so we went over to my sister's house and joined them. Emily wanted to be a taxi cab driver so she used my parents golf cart thing and decorated it up. Ridge was none other than a character from Star Wars. Jengo Fett...NOT Boba Fett! Sorry Ridge!!! I've been calling him the wrong thing the whole time. But seriously....can you blame me? I don't even know what a Fett is. Natalie went as a 50's girl and Miss Adiah was a little ladybug. So was Hannah but Hannah's costume was a bit 'puffier' than Adiah's. We had a great time minus the sniffling noses!

*Update: Apparently I can't spell it either. I've been told its JANGO FETT...not Jengo Fett. Seriously!*


Emily did such a good job on the cart!

Jengo Fett *correction...JANGO FETT!!*

Beautiful 50's girl...with Noah's pirate earring.

Lovely Ladybug!!!

My sweet kids! I love this crew!!!

Puffy and Prissy....eating some of their loot!

Off they go!!

Ridge, Hollyn, and Natalie hanging on for dear life!!!

The ladybugs catching a ride between houses. They knew exactly what to do when the stroller stopped.


Dawn said...

Cute Halloween Pics...sorry everyone has been sick. Allyse got sick on Halloween night...Yippee! She sounds like a man when she talks and has not stopped coughing since Friday night...not fun! Hope everyone feels better soon!

Rebekah said...

Brynley had the same ladybug costume as Adiah!! I will hopefully have some pics up tonight. Your kids are precious. :)