Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin patch

This week we got to go to the pumpkin patch with the Pierce family(the family that lived across the street from us before we moved). We have gone with them for the past three years and its always such fun!! We like this particular pumpkin patch because there is a train ride before going into the pumpkin patch where all the pumpkins and games are. Amy P. and I were discussing how neat it was that we've been there together for three years and each year something significant was happening with our adoption with Adiah. The first year while we were out there our family coordinator called me on my cell phone to tell me that my 10 months of paper chasing had come to an end and that she was mailing all of our documents to China that Friday. The 2nd year we went we had just received the referral for Adiah just a few days prior to our pumpkin patch trip. We took her picture with us and posed it on the pumpkins and hay stacks. You can see that post here. And this year Adiah was actually with us. It is so neat to have a friend who followed that journey with us like she did. Thank you Pierce family for making it so special for us!!
Top: Camden, Ridge, Cullen
Bottom: Natalie, Adiah, Emily, and Kenna

My kooky kids!!

Nat on the pumpkins...


Emily... excited!!

Finding herself a nice big pumpkin...

"This one MaMa!"
Unfortunately we can't put pumpkins out on our porch anymore so we didn't buy any. The raccoons seem to think I've left a treat for them.........NOT COOL!!!!

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Dawn said...

Cute Pics! They are all getting so big!