Thursday, October 2, 2008

Two posts in one day...Hold on to your pants!!!

We got a new friend for Tucker on Tuesday! I grew up with Westies(West Highland White Terrier) and have always wanted another one. Well Sara and I decided to take a little road trip on Tuesday when we found two sisters that were still available about an hour-ish away. Sara got one and I got the other. There is a terribly funny(not the ha-ha kind of funny) story that goes along with getting these little cuties but I may let Sara tell it. If she doesn't want to then I'll be back to tell it. Check her blog here to see if she does. Anyway she is 15 weeks old and kind of scraggly looking but really cute! Tucker loves her unless she is trying to get his food and then he lets her know who's boss! We could not agree on a name for her. I thought of some really cute ones but NO! Mom's opinion doesn't count I guess. So since Westies are scottish dogs and since my maiden name is scottish (McRae) we decided to name her Mackie Rae. We'll call her Mackie for short.

These were the girls before bringing them home. I honestly don't know which is which. Maybe Mackie is on the right...I don't know.

Sitting in our front yard. She goes CRAZY in that grass!

Seeing what Tucker is up to

Going crazy in that grass!!


Jeanette said...

congrats on your new baby! She's a cutie!!!

Amy Pierce said...

Wow! Two posts in one day - where do you find the time?!? Sorry I missed your call today - one of these days we'll catch each other and actually talk. I'm glad you're back to posting - still waiting on pics from your cruise. :)
Looks like the party was great and the newest member of the Woods Gang is adorable - was your life just not crazy enough that you felt like adding a puppy?

Emily Woods said...

i think your right when you said Mackie is on the right, but i can't really tell. They both have huge {or as dad says, "rat like"] ears!!