Friday, October 3, 2008

Trip to the River

My Mother in Law reminded me that I haven't blogged about our trip to the river with them! And since I have been notorious lately for saying I'm going to blog about something and not doing it I thought I'd get right on that before I forget!! We had a really great time a couple of weeks ago when we joined my mother in law(Carol) and Bill along with Gina, Jason, and cousins out on the lake! It was really the last weekend that would have been comfortable as far as the water temperature was concerned to go. The kids went at the beginning of the summer with them as well but that was the week before the wedding we hosted here at the house and we had JUST moved into our new home! Craziness!! We all had a great time boating and swimming and just being together! Like Gina said its rare that ALL of us are together at one time except for maybe holidays. With Brian being on call or some sporting event for the kids its just hard. Bill TRIED to throw me off of the tube but he couldn't shake this mighty woman! (Lets not talk about the fact that it was a little kid float and one could fall out of that thing!!) The girls had a great time giving each other mud makeovers and the boys had fun exploring in the river. We left for the lake right after the 10k so I didn't have my camera. Every single picture here was stolen from Gina and Brooklyn's blog! Thanks guys!

Daddy and Adiah-she was fighting a nap here, I think!

The cousins!!

Sweet little bathing suit!

Ridge and Nathan swimming and exploring

Loading up to head to the water

Cookie face!!!


Kristi said...

Don't you love lazy days at the lake? We had the opportunity to enjoy one of the last days of summer with our praise team at a nearby lake. I love the shot of the cousins!

Mimi Martin said...

It was a wonderful time with 'all my family.' You just MUST post those mud pictures of the girls. That's a moment that must be memorialized in the family blog forever. LOL