Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mom's 60th birthday bash

Last weekend we had the privilege of throwing my mom a 60th birthday party at my house! A couple of months ago my dad asked my sister and I to help him plan a birthday party for my mom. It was such fun!!! We invited family and friends to come and had Owen Temple play for the party. We catered Macaroni Grill and had the tables and chairs set up outside so we could listen to Owen serenade us. He was really great!! We then went inside and showed a video that my sister made of pictures from my mom's life. Family and friends contributed by sending Sara pictures a few weeks back to be included in the video. Thank you to all who came and made my mom's birthday super special!! Happy Birthday, Mom!!

P.S. I took some of these pictures from my sister's blog. I didn't get too many with my own camera.

Present time, Present time, Open the present and see whats inside! (don't act like you don't know what that song is from!)

My mom visiting with her friends that drove from Denton to celebrate with her.

This little fella showed up and decided to join the party. He actually "sang" along when we sang my mom the birthday song. It was so funny we did it twice just to hear him.

The birthday girl and Dad.

Brian chatting with my Uncle Stan(my dad's brother), Aunt Lana(Stan's wife), and Aunt Beth(my dad's sister).
This is where the food was served from. Its a little cabana like area. Notice all the children hanging out in that area!!

The table and chairs set up on the other side of the fence around our immediate back yard.

My brother, Rob, Mom, Hollyn, Emily, and Natalie and if you look real close...little Hannah's head back there.

Owen Temple!! He's the one on the right. Don't know what the other guys name is. We can just call him 2nd guitar player.

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Dawn said...

Thanks for posting pics! They are all lovely!