Saturday, September 27, 2008

A little update

I know, I know, I know. Slacker. I'll say it for you! I've so been uninspired to blog lately. Could be because we're so so busy. Could be that I just don't feel like it sometimes. I hope to be better...just a quick little update. Miss Adiah's ear infection got lots better! But what is weird is that last night out of nowhere she spiked a super high fever. She was fine one second and then BAM! When I took it at 7:45ish it was 103.7! After some Tylenol and Motrin we got it to 101.2 and she fell asleep. So please pray for our girl. We have a big day ahead of us because we are throwing my mom a 60th birthday party here at my house. Lots of family and friends who have never met her will be attending. Speaking of the party...its going to be great. Can't write too many details since my mom reads this blog(hi, mom) but my dad put Sara and I in charge and said "money is no object" (You did say that? Right, dad?????? Ha!! Don't be scared!). I'll hopefully blog about that another day. Natalie has a small ankle injury so she is out of gymnastics for 2 weeks. I'll has been a welcome surprise not having to wag her to and fro that place 4 days a week! But she has another week off and we plan on enjoying it! Emily and Ridge are loving school! Which is good, I think. We got Emily a cell phone now that she is in middle school and not riding with us to all of her "things" she does. She loves her cell phone! Its as if we don't know how she EVER SURVIVED without that thing the way it is attached to her hip!! Love that girl!! What else? Oh, I ran my 10k last weekend and now I'm training(Lord willing) for a half marathon in December. I'm really excited! Its amazing what setting a goal does for your desire to get out there and push yourself! Well, I need to go check on fever girl. Have a great weekend!!


Charlotte said...

Way to go on the 10K, Amy! :)

Julie said...

There you are! Hadn't heard from ya in a while, so I tagged you on my blog today!!! Sorry about that... :)

MattandSara said...

I heard Dad say that too! It's his word against ours! Great job on the 10K!