Wednesday, September 10, 2008

1st Ear Infection

So Adiah's been fighting this little cold for about 3 weeks now. Clear boogers, no fever, decent mood. Well today I took her to the dr because those clear boogers turned greenish yesterday, still no fever, and the decent mood had departed! I was just chalking up the bad mood to her being 2 but praise the Lord I found out today there is hope!! She does have an ear infection which is her first. That we know of, anyway. We've started her antibiotic and praying that little Miss Sunshine makes her debut........again. I tried to get her to stand still and turn her head to the camera. No such luck. I'm telling you when she is cranky she will NOT work with you(kind of like her mother, I guess). So I got a picture of the infected ear and then the back of her head too. Love the little haircut I gave her?


M Holly said...

Love the haircut. Can't believe she sat still long enough for you. Hope her ear is healed soon and that her fun personality returns ASAP. It's just not like her to be crabby without a "good" reason!

Love to all,

Jeanette said...

poor baby...I hope she is feeling better soon!!!

Elissa said...

Hmmm, I know someone else like that too...!

Lil has had the snots and the crankies since we got home, so she may be be reaping the consequences of stealing Adiah's sippy cup last weekend!

Linda "Grammy" Woods said...

So sorry Adiah doesn't feel well - those ear infections are no fun!!! Get well soon sweet little one. And your haircut is cute.