Friday, September 5, 2008

It has BEEN a week....

Maybe at some point I will write about my week. Not now...but I will say the Lord has taken care of us in a major way this week. He never left our side. Not that He ever does but in case I ever he does not. He is good, He is our provider, He is our strength, He is our everything. Thank you, Lord.

Ok, I have one short thing to say. I think folding fitted sheets is for the birds. I hate it! Can't do it. Tips anyone?

And I'm super excited because today some friends that we met in China while adopting our daughters are coming to visit!!! Yeah!! The Harrells adopted Lily and they live in San Antonio. We can't wait to see our girls interact!!

Off to tackle the dreaded sheets.


Jenn said...

Sorry to hear that you had week of trials of some kind. The Lord IS good and faithful and He will never fail us! Lifting you and your family up!

No help with the fitted sheet. I try my best to wash them and put them back on so that I won't have to try and fold them. :o)

Yippee...I know Miss Lilly Harrell! I stalked her at my local Super Target one day! :o) I'm hoping that her and my Karleigh Mei will be good friends one day. Tell her mom I said "hi"!

Have a FUN weekend!!


Dawn said...

ok...i have some tips for folding fitted sheets...but i don't know if i can explain it very it goes....

if you take two ends of the fitted sheet and put your hands inside of two corners and flip it inside out(it doesn't matter which side or which end) both sides and then it becomes a flat sheet and then fold. I hope this helps.

If i didn't make it clear...only flip the corners.

Tiffany said...

my mom is a pro at the fitted sheets. i didnt' get that gene though. ask her next time you see her to give you a demonstration, she is great i'm telling you! i just wad them up in one big ball. it works for me.

i heard about your week. have a great weekend with your friends!!!

Debra said...

About the folded sheets ... you can look on Martha Stewart. She has a great way of folding them and it is so neat and works in our linen closet.

Excited about renewing your vows. I am looking forward to that one day for us.

Love, Debra

P.S. I am Gina's friend.

Jodi said...

Avoid folding them all together by putting them back on your bed! I am all about making life easier - well sort of! Take care!