Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Field Day

The next day was field day at school for all of the kids. I had a realization that this was probably Emily's last field day. Emily will be going to middle school next year and I don't think they do this. Anyway, it was a beautifully HOT day and they had such a good time with all of their friends. When I was a little girl field day was track and field events. Not anymore!! This was like a carnival...a very organized carnival!! Even Adiah got in on the action and had lots of people stop by the stroller for a little *meet and greet*. She loved it! They got to enjoy field day until about 2:30 when I took them home to get ready to go to the airport to meet their new cousin Hannah! Stay tuned for the next post....

Ridge- trying to take out one of his teachers in the dunking booth!!

Emily and her sweet friend, Rebecca! BFF's!!

Natie Bug and Adiah- she loved showing off her little sister!

Playing football with the boys! She loves doing anything *sport*!

Not EVEN sure whats happening here. I just thought it was funny!!

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