Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Welcome Home Hannah(and Sara and Matt)!!

So right after field day we ran to the airport to greet Sara, Matt, and Hannah home from China! We were so excited and there was a big group(mainly Matt's side of the family) there to welcome them home. My parents were in Africa so me, Brian, the kids, Gina, and her kids represented this side. There were lots of tears shed and many memories made. However, Hannah was really sick and Sara and Matt were a bit overwhelmed and preoccupied with her health more than anything else. They stayed home for about a day and a half before they realized she needed to go to the hospital. After a 5 day stay they got to bring her home and begin trying to adjust to life with 3 kids and one of them having a heart condition.

The young part of our welcoming committee! Anxious cousins and siblings ready with their signs.

Sara with tears of joy streaming down her face. She was doing the *Little House on the Prairie* run to get to her kids!

Matt with Hannah trying to hug his other kids.

Adiah and Hannah meet for the first time. We think Hannah really wanted to take Adiah's Cheerios but whatever!

An exhausted Sara and her girls.

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