Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Are you happy, people?

I've had some people comment that my blogging is slowing down. I have only one thing to say to that....you're right(she says sheepishly). I will say that my computer was gone from this house for over a week. Its back now. Better than ever. Will my blogging increase? I do not know but I will try!! People, I said I'll TRY!! Actually, I'm happy that you all want to keep up with our family!! Thank you for checking in on us! Ok, here is a cute little picture of Adiah in her sweet pinafore that Ms. Chanda gave her. TOO cute! I'll probably be ordering more of these. Thank you, Chanda!! And Adiah's new "obsession" is the oh so beloved Elmo. She gets so excited when she sees anything that has him on there. In Target yesterday we were on the book aisle and there was a book with a stuffed Elmo toy that came with it. Well the child began shaking with excitement. Really. So of course...she got it!! We LOVE Elmo!!

Isn't it cute!!

Big step to get over.

Daddy and Adiah time!

Emily reading the book that came with the toy. Gotta love big sisters!!


Dawn said...

Adiah is just darling...I bought the same pinnafore for our Lucy, can't wait to see her in it!!

jennifer said...

Too cute. I love the pinnafore!