Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Who Is This Child?

So tonight I was giving little Miss Priss a bath and I realized halfway through it that she was enjoying it! The entire thing! Just a few weeks ago it was as if I was sticking needles in her eyes. Now...well....I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. P.S. Ridge really enjoyed helping me with her bath. He loves to make her laugh!!


MattandSara said...

Two blogs in one day!!! Do you have fever?! (HeHe). Love the pics of that super cute chick!

Jan said...

Ok....you're not even related to me, but that 1st bath picture is SO cute..it just got promoted to "screensaver" on my work computer. Yes, I have pictures of my own nieces and nephews, dog, etc. but I couldn't resist.

You must be WonderMom...raising all those kids and still having time to post!!!

jennifer said...

She's adorable. Bathtime must be much more enjoyable.