Sunday, April 27, 2008

Some outside fun!!

Friday was a gorgeous day here so we took advantage of the evening! Adiah is beginning to like being outside a little more everyday. The grass just bothers her though. So its a huge deal that I got her to sit in the stuff! We've had a pretty good week this past week. The kids are SO ready for school to be over. I find it harder and harder to get them to get up in the mornings now. I remember this from last year. But just 6 more weeks of school...I can hardly believe it! Last Sunday we went out to Midlothian to help Sara and Matt with some computer stuff for their trip to China. In case I haven't mentioned it they leave on Thursday to go pick up my new niece from China!! I'm so pumped! Their blog is here but they will mainly be posting here during their trip. I think they'll do videos on their family blog. Anyway, I would love it if you would join me in praying for them and this new life they are beginning! Their daughter, Hannah, has a heart condition and they won't know the full extent of it until they are home. They are also leaving their other 2 children here while they go and pick up Hannah. There is a very large group of adoptive families going with them so keep them all in your prayers. For their health, travel, and their new babies. We can't wait for Hannah to come home!! Anyway, here are some pictures from the week. I threw one in of my stinkin' cute husband too!!

I love that little backside!!

Trying to get a toy without touching the grass. Sister, you are gonna HAVE to get over that!!

Just cuteness....

Emily took Adiah and Noah on a ride around the driveway. Looks like they were talking about something important. You know, cousin stuff.

Like I said....stinkin' cute.


TriSara said...

Adiah looks right at home with you guys. So amazing. It sounds like you are all adjusting well. God is good!

jennifer said...

The pictures are too cute! Love the one of her bending over. I can't wait to follow the journey to your niece. How exciting!

Elissa said...

Wow, they've both gotten cuter since China!! :)

Miss you guys!
The Harrells

Amy Jill said...

How cute is she?!! I'm looking forward to seeing her in person. I'm assuming I'll get to see your entire gang at the airport when Hannah comes home. I can't wait!!

Mimi Martin said...

Oh my, I got lulled into thinkin you weren't bloggin much any more! Yay, you're back! Love all the cute cute pictures. Fabulous! You're baaaacccck! Some of those pics I'll have to enlarge and paste up at work. ; ) Love ya,