Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Day Seven-Last Day of Camp Woods

Well....all good things must come to an end. So is true with Camp Woods! Its now 10:25pm and I'm wondering where the week went. You know when you are in the middle of something and you don't realize how quickly it is passing? That is how I feel right now. Where did the week go? The day started out slow. My mom came and picked Natalie up and took her to gymnastics for me. She had to be there at 8:30. So I woke her up at 7:30 to eat breakfast which started a domino effect. Hampton was next with the boys following close behind. The smell of bacon cooking was what woke Emily up. After a yummy breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and cinnamon rolls(I know...random) we layed around some more. We all went to get Nat at noon and headed off to Pump It Up. I'm sure most of you have heard of it but its like a warehouse filled with all sorts of bounce houses. Fun, fun, fun!! The kids played and sweated until about 2pm. We then went to McDonalds for a late lunch and played some more! Brian was sleeping today so I was trying to find activities to keep them out of the house. By the time we returned Brian was up and the kids got to work preparing for Doug and Kimberly to arrive. We hung signs, decorated microphones, showered, and did hair and make up. D and K got here about 8:45 and the talent show(sort of) began. The boys did an Underdog "skit" and sang their version of Life Is A Highway by the Rascall Flatts. The girls then sang their song which was So Long. Very cute!! They all did so good and of course as Camp Director...I couldn't be prouder!! I know the kids all had so much fun this week just being together! I will miss you Hampton and Rees!! This chick is heading to bed now!! And I think we will all sleep late in morning!

All of the kids sliding down a slide at Pump It Up. That place rocks!!

The sweaty gang after playing at Pump It Up.

Rees and Ridge...Good Buddies!
The girls preforming for Show Off Day

Doug and Kimberly enjoying the show!!


rkmcrae said...

I want Camp Woods Back!! I had great pictures to look at and I something great to ready every day!!!... I want Camp Woods Back!!!..

Rhonda :-)

Kari said...

Wow, Amy, I am so amazed that you survived the week. That's sounds like the kids had a blast!