Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day Six

What a day six we have had!! Last week we had to take our new kitten(I'll post about that later) to the vet for her shots. Well it turns out she was sick and needed antibiotics for a week before they could give them to her. While we were there last week the vet, Dr. Jones (love him!) opened the door to our exam room and in hopped this kangaroo!!! I 'm not kidding!! I absolutely froze in my spot but the kids were freaking out with excitement. The kangaroo is there because she has a very bad tail injury. Why am I telling you all of this? Because we had to return today for the kitten's shots and the vet said to bring my camera this time and we could take pictures of Kanga. He also gave the kids an assignment which was researching the difference between marsupials and mammals and to find out which marsupial is native to the United States. So my kids told the Conder kids about it this week and they researched. Well...the girls researched. The boys could care less. And I went to the vet with all 5 kids and a kitten in tow. We were a sight! People kept asking if all the kids were mine. Yes...thats right I have a 10, 9,8, and 2- 6 yr olds!! Anyway, they brought Kanga out and it was awesome!! After the photo op with our marsupial friend we went in the exam room and the kids presented their research to Dr. Jones. He was so great and taught them so much today! Oh...and the kitten got her shots! Later in the afternoon we went to see Evan Almighty! Such a good movie! They loved it. Since then we've just been eating dinner, playing dress up/fashion show, and watching a little tv. Now I'm off to get them to bed...its just me tonight with them. Brian is on call. Pray for me!! Enjoy the pictures of Kanga!!

Hampton and Rees with Kanga. I love how Rees has his arms crossed. I wonder if he felt like I did last week???
Natalie being awfully brave petting Kanga's mouth. The nurse mentioned after this that she is still kind of wild and might bite if you touch her face. Great! Natalie still has all 5 fingers on that hand!!

I don't really know why I am posting this picture except that I love Ridgedon's facial expression. Kind of like..."ya...whatever...I don't really care about marsupials."

Ridge and Rees sharing a bowl of popcorn while watching tv.

The girls spent a couple of hours working on Natalie for a fashion show. They primped for ever!! This is what they came up with! Very unique, ladies!!

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tamandscott said...

Camp Woods sounds like tons of fun! How funny is it that your son slept in a dirty clothes hamper, too. But...Bryce's is the stand up kind, so I still can't really figure that one out!