Monday, July 30, 2007

Day Five I am getting very tired! So much fun but very tired! Today was a much better day than yesterday in the fun department. We started the day with a breakfast of eggs, biscuits, and bacon. Yummy!! And then after tooting around a while we headed out to the skating rink! They had lots of fun but it took a while for Rees to enjoy it. He had to get the feel of the skates but then he was off! We ate lunch there which was very kid friendly. Not a healthy choice in sight! Then we came home and baked our cookies that we would use later in the cookie contest. Once again Natalie had gymnastics practice from 4-7 so we ate dinner and watched a movie while she was gone. After we picked her up we made another trip to Braum's for some ice cream fun!! They were anxious to get home and decorate the cookies! And decorate they did! They were divided into teams and they each could submit one cookie for judging. Brian and I got to judge them which meant we got to taste them. I was a tad concerned about eating them after I watched them play with the dough this afternoon but my thinking is the oven cooks out all the germs, right? Right???? Just say right!! Now they are finishing the movie we started earlier and then off to bed. They are loving Camp Woods but I can tell they are beginning to fade on me! 2 more days! Can you believe it?

Rees practicing his skating before heading out to the big rink!

Its hard to get good skating pictures that don't turn out blurry. Here is one of the few I could see. The kids showing off all of the places they hurt themselves while skating today. Poor babies!
Hampton and Emily making their cookies

The gang pointing to their cookies they submitted for judging! It was a hard decision!!

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M Holly said...

You amaze me with all the things you are coming up with. Too bad you don't have a hand crank ice cream freezer. You could let them take turns turning the handle.

Have fun tomorrow.