Sunday, July 29, 2007

Day Four

Wow! Sunday doesn't make for a very "fun" day four but we survived!! Brian was on call last night so he wasn't home which meant he wasn't home for all of us getting ready for church. Actually it wasn't too bad. I bribed them with going to Starbucks for hot chocolate if they got ready in a timely manner and they did! We went to "Fourbucks" on the way to church and had a good time! We actually had to drink them there because Hampton informed me that she isn't allowed to drink hot chocolate unless they are sitting in a chair and not the car. Okay. After that we headed to church and then out to lunch with my sister, Sara and family, and my parents at Humperdinks. Later this evening we went over to my parents to let the kids swim and we grilled hot dogs. A good friend from a long time ago, Wynn Heyen, is in town and came over to join in on the fun! Brave girl! We finally got the kids down about 9:45 and I think they are sleeping now! Hopefully tomorrow will be more fun for them! Not too many pictures to share but here is what I have!

The gang at Starbucks this morning before heading for church

Scary diving picture...Ridge looks like he might land on top of all of them.
Look closely at Ridgedon's mouth...he is about to say "She isn't blah, blah, blah" The tattling had begun!
This one really has nothing to do with Camp Woods. I would just like to show you what I live with. Lets count how many times I've been smacked in the face by a flying foot because *someone* can't help herself from doing cartwheels and handstands. Nevermind...too many to count! Love you, Natie Bug! I wouldn't want it any other way!

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M Holly said...

You may not have very many pictures, but the ones you have are great! Love the fact that Natalie has her flip flops on while doing handstands. I still think you are the bravest mom around!