Saturday, July 28, 2007

Day Three I am so tired. No really, we are still having lots of fun at Camp Woods. Today was a great day and the kids are worn out! That was the goal! Brian is on call today and he doesn't get to come home tonight so I intentionally picked something for today that would wear them out. Success! We spent the entire day(well 5 hours anyway) at Denton Water Works. Its a very small water park in Denton that is great to take the kids to when there is only one parent and 5 kids. Much more controlled environment. They swam, had a lunch break, swam, had a skittles break, swam, had a cookie break, get the picture. The boys stuck together and the girls stuck together and checked in every 15 minutes or so. After we left, some friends came by for awhile so I put them in front of the tv(sorry D and K!) and visited for a little bit. Then I fed them homemade pizza and watched High School Musical. Anyone else excited to see High School Musical 2? I can't wait! We are throwing a HSM2 party at the house for the kids...sorry off topic. Thats what 5 hours in the sun will do to you. Now the girls are practicing their song and the boys are guessed it....PS3 Star Wars!! Enjoy the water park pictures!

The girls after their first dip in the lazy river

I love how boys can use anything to beat each other up with. Ridge and Rees bashing each other with the tubes!

The age old pringles trick! Unless they really are....nah!!!

At the end of a very fun day!!!
This one I had to post because I was so sneaky! I was making the girls hold a pose in front of the landing strip of a water slide. I saw this person sliding and acted like I was focusing the camera! Fun times!!


Kim, Aaron, Jake, and Jack said...

Jake and Jack can't wait to come to Camp Woods! I believe they are already talking about it! In fact, I know they are. And I can't wait to send them. :)

Amy Woods said...

Oh girl! Lets start with Camp Watson and then we'll see!! Ha! You know I'd love to have them!!