Friday, July 27, 2007

Day Two

Wow! It's Day Two and the kids still like each other!! Seriously, only minimal whining going on but I think that is because they are so tired. Hampton and Rees are kids that normally go to bed at 7pm. I'm not kidding. So last night when I put them to bed at 9:30 I thought I was being the coolest camp director in the world! An hour and a half later....still awake. "Oh, they'll just sleep later" she naively thought. No, at 6:30 am they were up and ready to go. So by mid afternoon they were a tad grumpy but we kept them busy and now they are nice and "ripe", like Kimberly says. We made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and then headed outdoors for some arts and crafts projects. We made posters for our friends who were returning from Africa this afternoon. And then we made camp t-shirts. Fun times! Only one cry session when Natalie informed me that I had not said that I liked her poster and I told the others I liked theirs. Can you hear me sigh? Then we played some PS3 games, ate lunch, and waited for the time to leave for the airport to greet our friends. After the airport fun we came home and made tacos!!! Yummy!! The kids have also been coming up with some fun songs to sing when their parents return for show off day. So the girls worked on their song which is So Long. And the boys worked on theirs which is Life Is A Highway. One minor problem today was when we discovered that Hampton is allergic to our cats. We started her on some medicine and she is doing better. Nice being married to a doctor!! Enjoy the pictures...

Nat and Rees working on their posters

The rest of the gang working on theirs

Brian helping the girls with their song. They LOVE singing on the microphones! Also nice being married to a music guy!!

Rees and Ridge jamming out!

This is what the kids like to do most....Play Station 3...Lego Star Wars game.


M Holly said...

Sounds like great fun was had by all! I noticed you posted this blog at 7:52! Were they all in bed by that time? I hope tomorrow is a great day, too.

Amy Woods said...

Oh I was not so lucky! Brian gave me a moments peace to I could type and then go to bed as soon as the kids were down. They went to bed about 9 and asleep by a little better.

MattandSara said...

You DID remember that your taking my kids tomorrow, right?!


Amy Woods said...