Monday, March 14, 2011 we go again!

As much as I KNOW you wanted to continue to look at the lovely pictures my (currently grounded) daughter put on my blog I think I'll change it! Sorry! But I had to share that Brian is on his way to Rwanda as I type this! I was trying to figure out a way to explain why he's going but my friend, Chelsea, explained it so much better than I could so I'll let you read her words. But Brian and Mark(Chelsea's husband) will be spending the next week in Kigali with Jane (our guide in Rwanda when we were there this January) and then make the beautiful drive to Noel orphanage where we spent our last two days while we were there. Its also where a piece of my heart stayed behind! We are joining with His Chase this summer and taking a team of people to Noel to build a sports arena and to do some medical assessments on the precious children there. Currently there are 650+ kids that are living there. But I just wanted to ask you to be thinking of Brian and Mark this week and pray that the Lord would open up the doors that need to be opened while there....He's already doing it! Mark has been there for a few days now and it has been amazing! Thanks!!! I'll post pics if I get any from Brian! I'm so proud of him....!!!

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