Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Week in Rwanda... Guest Post (Bw)

Well - have had an amazing week here in Rwanda complete with great executive meetings, negotitations with the KingFaisal CMO and CEOs - and then a last minute requested meeting with the Honorable Minster of Health, Dr Szebeira, himself (with great progress made!) --- but more on that later as have better internet and can post the photos. The whole (and real) reason my wife let me come on this trip is below: Introducing Grace...

We have a great video of this visit as well - but no way internet here is gonna support big uploads so will show that later as well. Love you all and thankful for your prayers. Beginning long journey home tomorrow and soooo ready to see Ames, Em, Natie Bug, Ridge, Diah, and Lil Man Rhett! Love you guys!


Amy Woods said...

Brian Woods! That is not the ONLY reason why I "let" you go on this trip! You stinker! But I'm so glad you were able to see her! The way you worded your post makes it seem like we're announcing that we are adopting her! I hope someday we CAN make that announcement! Thanks for taking pictures!!! I miss you so much and can't wait to see you SOON!!!

Wife of the Pres. said...

OK, Amy, thanks for clarifying. I was thinking a big congrats were in order. I hope someday you are making an official announcement! She is precious!!! And your DH has met with some big peeps it sounds like!

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