Friday, March 4, 2011

Back to the Future

Ladies and Gentle men! Boys and girls! Welcome one and all to a series of pictures that will make you cringe, smile, laugh, and bring back memories that you thought you would never have to bring back!

Just kidding!


Before we get going, let me inform you that I am not your regular host, or even her husband! This is yours truly, the one and only, the coolest kid on the block, the oldest, the greatest child in the family- Emily Woods!

Just kidding!


So lets begin! I was going through a very big box of photos we have, when I came across these beauties! These here are prime picks, and are oh so very worthy for you to enjoy....

1.] Lets begin with my mother and her wedding dress- I mean prom dress! Aint those sleeves something!

2.] My fathers a cheezer! What can I say?

3.] Im pretty sure this group of ladies {one of which is my mother}were apart of the living christmas tree! Whats a living christmas tree you ask? If you really care to find out, please ask my mother! She'd be delighted to tell you! There's a video of it somewhere.. Hmmm...

4.] Aunt Sara- always a very proper, polite woman...
I like sarcasm

5.] "Hmm, I wonder how much of this gold tinsle I can wrap around my head..."
Watch out Lady Gaga!

6.] Shout out to Mr. Ed Haas! I'm loving your hair in this picture- yours too dad! :]

7.] This is the front of this picture...

...and this is the back of this picture! How cute- they were just friends though!

8.] Nuff said.

9.] Honey Mooners!! Lets all do a collective "Aww!" One. Two. Three! *Awww!*
That was nice..
I wonder if Carlos 'N Charlie's is still open? Lightbulb! They should go back and take another picture with that same heart around their faces! Whos wid me??

10.] Yours truly!

11.] I spy with my little eye...a closet door...with the lable "closet" on it! Click on the picture and see if you spy it too! Aside from that and the shirt she's wearing, my
mom is riding an ironing board like a horse!

12.] Polates? Yoga, maybe? Maybe its just a guy they found and proceeded to inttarogate with questions like, "Whats your favorite part of father of the Bride?" or, "What's your Revlon perfect shade?" until he would take a picture with them!
I was just informed his name was Franc.

13.] Another Nuff said.

14.] " Is this angle better?"

16.] When we were little kids, we used to play on that floater thing and pretend like we were superman. Nice form Mommy Holly! :]

17.] If they're on night watch then they're ready to go!

18.] My Uncle Rob's never been much of a jokester...ther was one time when he chased my mom and aunt around the house while his fingers were being bull horns when they were little... but that was a long time ago...
I like sarcasm

19.] "Give me that cake now!"
Just kidding! I have no idea whats going on in this picture, or who she could be growling at!

20.] There's a broom on the wall.

21.] All Hail Queen Quilted Northern!
Whats going on?
Why is she wrapped in toilet paper?
Is this a tradition that I dont know about yet?
Will I one day be wrapped in toilet paper?
22.] I dont now why I question why my sister is a very dramatic human being? The answer lies within this picture. When my mom saw this picture, she still remembered the name of the guy behind her- it was Jimmy, or Andrew or something...

23.] Special thanks to whoever gave that pan to my madre- cause we still have it today! In fact I made a chocolate sheet cake in it the other day!
Whats that? You want some chocolate sheet cake?
Too bad! I ate it all!

24.] Whoa. Im at a loss for what to say...

25.] If this is wrong- then I dont wanna be right! I'll give you a hint: One of those is my mom, and the other is my grandma! But who can tell them apart?
The eyes, the eyebrows, the nose, oh my!

26.] I pray to thee up above, that my mothers hair will never get to that extent again...
...I can hear your Amens.

27.] Is this another tradition? I think I recall my aunt telling me this was a graduation party?

28.] " Ba da da da da da" Im Lovin it! What about you?
I hope you did! Because, alas, we are at the end of our journey! Feel free to shout out your favorite picture in the comment section! And I challenge all of you to go through some of your old pictures, find the "good" ones, and then be brave enough to share them with the world! A Back to the Future challenge:]
Have a great week and laugh lots!
Roger Roger Over and Out,

For real- Am I going to be wrapped in toilet paper?


Tiffany said...

I loved all of those! Amy, you had some amazing hairstyles through the years! Loved the commentary on each photo!

Britney K said...

That was AWESOME! You are SO funny!!

Kim W. said...

Emily cracked me up!!!!! I absolutely love this post! I think she needs to be a guest blogger more often, she's hilarious! And from here on out, the picture of you "riding the ironing board like a horse" (Emily's saying, not mine) will go down in history as one of the best pictures I have EVER seen!!!

Mimi Martin said...

Emily, love your witty humor! Loved your mom's hair ... and even Brian had hair! As the bearer of the toilet paper, no you don't have to wear TP at a bridal shower unless you want to laugh alot. Yep, you'll do it!

MattandSara said...

Emily...payback is a killer! Your day is coming! When you least expect it! Good times, though. Thanks for the laugh.

Taylor said...

You are soooo funny...we need more posts from you more often!! Thanks for sharing the photos!

Brian said...

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