Saturday, June 12, 2010

Krabby Patties

Ridge is my super creative son! Since he was young he was always making things out of craft supplies. He went through a phase where he was making several guitars a week out of paper and tape. I kid you not.

Anyway, on Thursday, Ridge decided to make the Empire State Building out of paper and hot glue. Well it just so happens that we did not have any glue sticks that fit the hot glue gun we owned. I say that loosely because I'm sure we have some that fit the gun but *someone* couldn't find them. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, he could find the super fat glue sticks that we had so he decided to try and make them fit. So off he goes to my kitchen where my SHINY NEW SHARP knives were that Brian got me for Mother's Day. He proceeded to *try* and cut one of those fat glue sticks in half.....along with his finger. Not kidding. I'm gonna show you a picture but if you are a girly-girl and can't handle it then don't look. Just scroll on down quickly.

Ok, that wasn't so bad but can someone say OUCH???? I didn't show you the super gorey ones where you could see his guts and bones. I'm only slightly exaggerating. But he did about cut off that front part of his finger. I was heading to the chiropractor so I threw him in the car with me so Mr. Chiro man could take a gander and tell me what to do. I didn't know if stitches were in order. He told me it could go either way on stitches/no stitches so we opted to bandage it tightly and let Dr. Daddy take a look later that night. Dr. Daddy took a peek and decided we would pass on stitches since Ridge was pale as a ghost everytime you touched it...but then he sent me a bill. How dare he?

What does this have to do with the title of my post tonight? Well, today Ridge decided he might be able to lift a finger again in his life and asked if he could make dinner. I said "Sure. As long as its good or you're working off that bill your Dr. Daddy sent me". He then proceeds to tell me he wanted to make Krabby Patties like on Sponge Bob. I think "Yeah! Seafood! This'll be good!". Did you know that Krabby Patties are actually hamburgers? When Ridge produced this recipe so I could run right out and pick up all the "strange" ingredients Natalie said..."Ridge. That's a hamburger, yo." Maybe she didn't say yo. But her attitude said yo. He then went on to tell us just how wrong we were. Hamburgers have meat, cheese, and bread. This Krabby Pattie had meat, cheese, LETTUCE, TOMATO, PICKLES, KETCHUP, MUSTARD, and ONION and bread. Crazy isnt' it? So, needless to say, my baby boy made us a Krabby Patty for dinner and it was so...yummy! But you know what the best part was? When we sat down to eat he said..."You know. I actually made those for you guys. I'm going to eat this hotdog". Errrrr........????????????????

The Krabby Patties!!!!!!!

So proud of himself! I really do love this boy!!

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M Holly said...

I really love that boy, too. I just love the way that your kids enjoy cooking for the family. You've done a good job raising creative kiddos. Can't wait to see what Adiah and Rhett come up with!