Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dusty - Movin On Up! (Guest Blog by Dad)

(*A note from Amy before you start reading this post- I feel like I need to preface this post with some information so you all aren't confused. Are you listening? Ok. Sooooo....we have a horse. His name is Dusty. The girls have actually been taking lessons on Dusty for a couple of years. Last September Dusty was for sale so we bought him for them but didn't tell them until Christmas. That was their Christmas gift from us. Now you can read my husband's post and not be confused. husband is a savvy businessman/fabulous anesthesiologist but is a country boy at heart thus his country boy "typin"...Carry on.*)

Well after a year or so at the old training location called Noble Champions, we made a decision to move the kid's horse, Dusty, to a barn closer here to the home spread. Actually less than a mile down the road (on Joe Wilson - the same street we live on) and right on the path we take to "go to town"... so should be easier to drop in and see 'ol Dusty more often. It has been awesome seeing the kids learn in lessons over last few years in riding, horse care, ownership, etc. Dusty has been a joy, and aside from a lil injury he had on his leg from bad fence (at old barn site) has been a joy to own as well.

So this Saturday we set out for the trans-countryside journey. Decided would be too easy to get horse trailer from Papa Jim, or even borrow one of the many friends have here locally - so decided kids could learn about perseverance and doin things for yourself. Loved it - your horse - you need to move him- you're walkin him all the way there!
(Not really too far - only about a 1.5 miles/2.414 Km ;-)

This is the kids pulling out of old barn, ready to hit the road...

Dusty did good - he likes to walk the center line so girls had to keep shoulderin him back over to the edge of the road...

Natie Bug gettin her turn.

Pullin into the Barn at Cedar Hill. Dusty liked the sight of all those fillies just settin there waitin on him... he's such a boy. Over 200 acres on this ranch for riding so big improvement over the old place for Dusty and the kids.

This is them meeting Marci at the front of the new barn.
This place used to be an Arabian breeding barn. Gonna be much nicer for Dusty and much closer for the kiddos to get there more often this summer! (and SAME cost as old place - Dad loves that part!)

Walkin down to the office for the kids to "sign" all the official papers.

52 stalls in this place - much cleaner and nicer than the old track! They have daily ranch hands that feed, turn out and bed down at night, and muck the stalls. Kids just don't know yet we're getting them hired so they have to work there for $1.50 an hour to learn some lessons like we all had too growin up!

This is Dusty's stall.

Room with a view...Dusty seemed to like that - no windows in the old place.

Personal fan for the man!

This is the covered riding arena right off the back of the stables. For those that don't know just seeing it drug daily and watered three times a week (sprinklers were runnin when we got there) is good stuff. This apparently is "pretty good and worth the monthly boarding price, Dad", or so the kids tell me...

One of the two round pens for lunging (whatever that really is) and other "lead work".

Kiddos are pretty pleased after a good morning's haul. Them happy and Dusty happy makes dad pretty happy as well! We'll see how things progress this summer and maybe be some shows and riding competitions to blog about soon!

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