Friday, May 14, 2010

Outside playtime!

Today the littles and I played outside until the sky opened up and we were forced back inside!

Funny story: When we came inside I fed the kids some lunch and then put them down for a nap. It started thundering loudly about 15 minutes into nap time. Adiah came running down the stairs (she was napping in Natalie's room) crying because she was scared. Every time she is scared she wants her daddy. She said "I wanna talka dadddddyyyy......." So we called daddy. Daddy told her that she didn't need to be afraid and that is was just water. She then said...."I don't wanna wateeeerrrrr.....Turn it off." Sweet girl! Thought we could just reach up to the heavens and turn that knob off. Then we told her how God sometimes talks to us through the thunder. She said "ME? He talka to ME? Ok." Then she hopped down and off she went. I love her so much!

Anyway, here are some pics of my cuties riding their bikes. Enjoy! And yes. Rhett always talks that loud at me. He is LOUD!

You might want to turn the music off in my sidebar before you play the video. Or not. Its really up to you. Whatever floats your boat.


M Holly said...

Just love what goes through Adiah's head sometimes! Both of your "littles" are squeezable!

Cheri said...

Oh Amy, I just love Rhett's sweet smile! Adiah is just precious!