Saturday, December 19, 2009

The day the coyotes ate my chickens....(its sad but true)

Last week my neighbors came over to inform me that a couple of my chickens had been eaten. They knew this because my yard looked like a feather pillow had exploded on it and because they found a "corpse" and saw a coyote running off through my yard with another one. If I had my head about me I would have grabbed my camera to document. Its just how sick I am. But I didn't. Apparently, someone had left the door to the coop open after feeding them. So to say "thanks for helping me and cleaning up my mess so the kids didn't have to see the mayhem" I made them some cookies. You like?

We still have 2 chickens and the kids are already asking when we can get more.


Naomi said...

I remember the FIRST time it happened to my Mum. Not coyotes but foxes as we don't have those in England! It was heartbreaking.... but then it happened again.... oh sad day!!! Those little chickens had become my Mum's friends! She does have more now and NEVER forgets to leave them out!

The Crazy Roots said...

OK that's so sick it's hilarious! I love it!