Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of school 2009...where did the summer go?

Even though I love a good routine...the first day of school is always bitter sweet for me. Don't get me wrong. It IS nice to have a block of time to get things done without needing to stop to feed kids, clothe kids, discipline kids, etc. (You should see how I went through my list today!!) But man, I love them and find myself missing them during these first days back. And for some reason every year I find myself tearing up when I see them sitting at their desks or walking into school. The world is so big. You know? But I got away without shedding any tears(as far as they know!). Anyway!!! I'll stop now but I wanted to share some pictures from our morning. And this music video that speaks to how I felt this morning ...I'm sure lots of you have seen it but you MUST watch it if you haven't!! HI-larious! Click here....

My elementary crew!

My 5th grader!! Can't believe this is her last first day of elementary school!!

My 3rd grader!

Walking should have seen how many moms were doing this today! 23 at least. I exaggerate but YA KNOW!!

My sweet 7th grader!

And Adiah starts back to Mother's Day Out tomorrow but she thinks she needed to hop in a picture anyway.


Amy Pierce said...

Wow! They are all looking so grown up - even though I just saw them a couple of weeks ago. They just look older when they're all cleaned up and ready for school. Loved the video - that will be me tomorrow!

Kim W. said...

Amy...the are getting so They all are just cute as can be! Hope their year goes well! And hope Miss Adiah enjoys school, too! ;)

The Crazy Roots said...

So grown up and beautiful! Hope you all had fabulous first days and praying for a successful, fun, and memorable year!