Saturday, August 22, 2009

Anniversary dinner

Last night Brian went out to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary! It was so great just to hang out and talk like adults!! Before we went to dinner we stopped in at Best Buy and bought a new coffee maker since mine went kaput yesterday. That will NEVER do. Then afterwards we headed to our favorite restaurant Pappas Brothers Steakhouse. Oh, my!! So yummy!! I forgot to take my real camera with us so I thought I'd whip out my camera phone. Well, that didn't work like I wanted because it was so dark in the restaurant that you couldn't see anything. But here are a couple of shots and a video that I did get. NOTE*** I hesitated to put the video on here for two reasons. #1- its so dark you really can only hear us and #2- You may not want to play it with kids in the room so you don't have to explain what we meant. I'll just leave it at that. We were joking and it came out all wrong!! But its all I have of our celebration dinner so I wanted to document it.

Our yummy desserts that said "Happy 15th Anniversary Mrs. Woods"

And "Happy 15th Anniversary Mr. Woods". So cute!!!!


Tonya said...

LOL! Very cute! Happy anniversary guys!
Love ya

Wife of the Pres. said...

That is hilarious! "Doing it in the dark" has its benefits! LOL!