Friday, May 29, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Man, I am SO behind. I have lots to catch everyone up on. Especially the incredible Sunday we had last week when Ridge got baptized. But I need to down load those pictures off of my camera. And we have another fun filled weekend ahead of us. So maybe Sunday night or Monday I'll get to that. But before I forget I wanted to post some pictures of my fabulous Mother's Day this year. Unfortunately the night before Mother's Day I had a TERRIBLE allergic reaction to something I ate, I guess. I am currently getting allergy shots because I break out in horrible itchy hives. There are no words for the uncomfortable feeling they cause me. Its nearly daily but this night was worse. So I got up in the middle of the night to take some benadryl. Little did I know my kids had been up late setting up the kitchen table so that when I woke up on Sunday morning I would have a lovely surprise. I was so itchy I didn't even see my surprise when I got up in the middle of the night. Whew! After my lovely kitchen table experience they whisked me off to an early breakfast before church to Cracker Barrel. And I got the sweetest gift EVER. For quite some time I have needed a new bible. The cover has been torn off. Some of the pages have been pulled out. *Someone* scribbled all over and in it. But I have hesitated to get a new one because I have mine all marked up like I like it and highlighted in all of the right places. sweet husband and kids bought me a new bible just like my old one and they went through EVERY page of that thing and re-highlighted my new one just like I had done. They even wrote the little phrases in the margins like I had in my old one. I mean to tell you...I was speechless! I could NOT believe it! That meant so much to me! Brian also bought me a new watch because mine broke like a year and a half ago and I couldn't bring myself to buy a new one. I felt so special that day!!! The kids even helped me pick weeds in the afternoon. What could be better? Here are a few pictures of that special day....we had already received our picture of Rhett so I was in heaven!

My kitchen table when I finally saw it on Sunday morning...I love pink so it was "EVERYTHING PINK" day. Too sweet!

The daddy of my children...I love this man!

And here are the people I do it all for....
the reason I love being a mommy...

My sweet Miss Adiah

My charming Ridge

My super silly Natalie

And my beautiful young woman of a daughter, Emily

I can't wait to see our table next year with another blessing....Look at these people....they are the reason I do what I do. I love you guys!


M Holly said...

Wow! What an awesome Mother's Day. Before I read what your kids and husband did, I was thinking what a monumental task it would be to re-highlight and copy all your notes to the new bible. I must say you have a very loving family. Of course, I already knew that! Glad you had such a memoral occasion.

M Holly said...

So - is "memoral" a word or should I have said "memorable"? I like making up new words!