Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Now THIS makes a mama proud!!!

Ridge and Natalie just got home from school a little bit ago. They ride the bus home in the afternoons. Natalie handed me this sealed envelope and said her bus driver told her to give it to me. Natalie said "He said we weren't in trouble". Oh dear. That's not a good way to start a conversation! I read it first and got the hugest smile on my face. They each read it quietly to themselves and the proud look that came across their face was priceless!! This mama is very proud of her kids!! Thank you, Mr. Jack!!


Tonya said...

That would make a momma proud! I think you should take them out for ice cream!

Kristi said...

I bet your heart just "swole up" with pride on having your sweeties complimented!

Kim, Aaron, Jake and Jack said...

That is so sweet! I hope we get a note like that one day! Not lookin' like it thus far though. ;) Ha!