Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pink dinner!!!

Tonight we had our traditional pink dinner that I do every Valentine's Day. Last year when we did it we were so close to leaving to get Adiah. I couldn't wait for her to be with us to enjoy this tradition with us. Well, this year she was here and it was such fun!! I don't think she really cared too much about the color of the food but she loved getting cards and gifts. This year I made pasta and dyed it red. I served it with Pink sauce and then we had strawberry spinach salad and bread on the side. I also gave them the hottest pink drink I could find. It was yummy!! We also had pink cupcakes with pink icing and strawberries with strawberry pudding in a martini glass. We're high class I tell ya! Brian surprised all the girls by giving us each a dozen roses!! Adiah got yellow because...well, she can say yellow really well. I got red, Emily got pink, and Natalie got orange. Ridge got the gift of all gifts and that was a poster with EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER from Star Wars on it. Its lovely. All in all it was a great night and now I'm off to watch a movie on the couch with my Valentine. Hope your Valentine's Day was filled with lots of love!!!

On each plate I had a scripture with a the word 'love' in it. We all read our scriptures out loud and talked about who our true and eternal Valentine is.

My gang!

Ridge loving his red pasta. Check out his drink! It is PINK!!!

Lets talk about how she went straight to a bath after this meal was over!!



Chanda said...

Oh Amy - I can so relate with the ready to travel - almost time to go and get your girl!! And I LOVE the scriptures - what a neat and special idea!

Amy Pierce said...

Such fun! I love the scripture idea - I may have to do that next year. What movie did you watch? Love ya, girl!

Elissa said...

what a fun tradition! love the scripture idea too- might be stealing it too :)

Mimi Martin said...

Your pink and red dinner on Valentine's Day is simply the best idea - especially with scripture. Loved seeing you on Saturday.
Hearts and hugs always,

Jeanette said...

I remember you blogging about this last year and I thought it was such a great and fun idea!!! You are one creative momma!!!

Debra said...

What an AWESOME idea ... I love it! I might have to steal it for next year. I love family traditions that have amazing mean and point straight to our true Valentine, Jesus!

Jennifer and Eric said...

I LOVE this idea!!! I'll have to remember it for next year. Very creative and what a great memory for the kids to have in the years to come. I especially loved how you used scripture verses that talk about our best Valentine, Jesus. Great job, mom!!! :)