Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentine's Dance

Last night Emily went to her first ever school dance! I was a little bit sad realizing that she is old enough to attend these. But she informed me on Thursday that she would like to go to the Valentine's dance at school with her friends that was the next day. I was cool with it even though I only had 24 hours notice. In my day (that sounds so old!) the Valentine's dance was a big deal. It was semi-formal and you went with a boy! But these days its different. It was a jeans and shirt kind of night. So I went out and found her a pink shirt since it IS the Valentine's dance and a fun necklace. She said she had a great time and just stood around and talked with her friends. Hmmm....sounds like what she does at lunch to me but I'm not sayin' anything!! She 'allowed' me to take some pictures of her before the big event. She is so funny! Natalie was also going to an ice skating birthday party so she hopped in a picture too. Such cuties!!

Here is a cute one of Miss Priss. And yes your eyes are not deceiving you. That IS a summer nightgown she is wearing in February. But give me a break! We live in Texas and it 103. Well, maybe not 103 but ridiculously warm.

And one of my sweet boy, Ridge. He had just gotten out of the shower and I'm pretty sure the towel did not go near his head. And he is wearing a cape. Had to document.

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Kristi said...

Just so you know, I didn't blink about a summer nightgown in winter or a cape...
(Looks a LOT like life at my house!)