Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

This isn't actually going to be a New Year's post but I wanted to wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2009! This morning I got up and took the kids to a central meeting place for my father in law, brother in law, and us to meet up. Jim(father in law) took my 3 older kids and my niece and 2 nephews to his house for the night. Jim and Linda have horses and the kids love to go and see them. Its not often because we live kind of far from each other but they love it when they are there. Tonight I was at the computer and Linda sent us some pictures of the kids riding on a cart pulled by one of their minis. I know they are having a blast! We'll get the kids back tomorrow night when we all meet at Brian's sister, Gina's house to celebrate Christmas one last time for this season. I'll post about the rest of the holidays later but wanted to get these up now.

Ridge on the cart


Emily looking awfully big for that cart!

I love this shot!

Adiah and I have had some good one on one time today because Brian is on call tonight. As I was putting these pictures in the kids folders on the computer I found this picture of Adiah with Natalie in May '08. Look at how much she has grown since then!!! That's just craziness!!

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Kristi said...

What fun for your kids and their cousins! And I love the shot of them lined up on the fence!
Enjoy a little quiet time with Adiah tonight.