Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dog Food and Passports!

Please, Lord, tell me that my kid eating dog food does not make me a bad mom!!! I know I need to go to the grocery store but COME ON!!! Actually, it all happened quickly. We keep our dog food bowls in our laundry room and when I am in there doing laundry Adiah and I have the same conversation over and over again. It goes something like this.

Adiah: (looking at the dog food bowl that still has some in it by squatting down low)

Me: Adiah what are you doing?

Adiah: No, no. (while pointing at the bowl)

Me: Thats right. Don't touch the dog food.

Adiah: (reaches to touch the dog food anyway)

Me: Adiah!

Adiah: No, no (while pointing at the bowl)

Me: Come on lets get out of here....

This happens almost everyday! So today the same conversation takes place and I think she has followed me out but I'm holding a large stack of laundry and I continue on to my room. I put my clothes away and realize she isn't with me. I walk into the kitchen and totally bust her with the dog food bowls on my kitchen floor and a big wad of it in her mouth. I grab my camera (because you know you have to document this for future use!) and say her name. She promptly spits it out and comes running to me while I'm just snapping away. Now that's just gross y'all. Gross! Praise God I don't think she liked it or we may have problems between Mackie Rae and Adiah at meal time.

Saying cheese doesn't always get you out of trouble...(if you enlarge the picture you can see some of the dog food spit dripping down the sides of her mouth. Nasty!)

Trying harder.....while I'm trying to stifle a laugh.

Now that's just nasty!!! Can you see how she probably had it in her mouth for several seconds until it softened a little?

And on another note...a couple of weeks ago we went to get the kids passports because we are going on a vacation this summer that requires them. They came in today and I was so hopeful to get a shot of Adiah with hers. It didn't work out how I hoped but she sure did love it and started reading it like it was a book.

Again with the cheese....gotta love that kid!


Kristi said...

If your kid eating dog food makes you a bad mom, I'm in the club with you...

Britney K said...

Narsty! Where are you guys going on vaca?! So fun!!!

M Holly said...

I believe somebody's mom did the same thing when she was little! Not saying who, here! I just didn't have a camera handy to document it.

Leslie said...

That is sort of gross. :) but my youngest son ate dog food all the time. Bad Mom Club? Well I am sure we are all in that one for one thing or another!

BTW, is that dog food dribble on her pants in the passport photo?

heart21 said...

cute! they are all getting so big.
where is your big summer trip to?
Happy New year!
miss ya-

Kari said...

Pretty nasty! But Kaitlyn once put a dead moth in her mouth, sucking off all the hairy-looking stuff from its body! Now that goes in the record book for bad parenting!!!

MattandSara said...

We won't even go into all the nasty stuff has put in his mouth. If only it were "just" dog food.

MattandSara said...

That was supposed to "Noah" who put all the nasty stuff in his mouth...sorry 'bout that. Now you think you have two new comments instead of just one. Bummer!

Jennifer and Eric said...


How should we go about getting a US passport for Noelle? She has a ss # but not a US birth certificate (just the one from China). Is that enough for the US govt.?