Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Monday we had some friends come visit us. We used to live across the street from the Pierce family and through the walking of our kids to school everyday for 3 years became good friends! It was so good to see them again but unfortunately our time was cut short yesterday morning when Cullen, their 2nd grader, woke up in the night with high fever and throwing up. And due to the fact that Brian and I are renewing our vows Friday and taking off on a 2nd honeymoon on Saturday Ms. Amy P. took them home to hopefully keep the germs away. We all hope you feel better soon, Cullen!!! Please pray that we stay healthy because of our big week ahead of us!

Tomorrow night we have Emily's middle school orientation! Is that crazy or what? This is where the principal will come out and talk about the rules and what not to wear. And then we'll get her schedule, buy her athletics uniform, and walk to all her classes to get a lay of the land. I can't believe my baby is in middle school!! On a side note...why isn't it called Jr. High anymore? Just wondering.

And speaking of our vows and trip...that's like the day after tomorrow! We're really excited and I'm almost done packing. Now if I can just get it through Brian's head that he needs to do the same. I'll bet he thinks I'm going to do it but I've been on one too many trips with this boy where he asks why I didn't pack this or that. I've stopped doing it. He has to lay everything out that he wants to take and I'll put it in the suitcase. You all wanted to know that didn't you?
So I probably won't post until we get back from our trip. Can't wait to share all the wonderfulness that it will be! And to show you pictures of the new ring!!! How fun is that?

And I'll leave you with some pictures .....Y'all have a great weekend!!

Natalie and Kenna decided to swim with t-shirts on to see if they could make a big bubble over their heads when they went under water. I remember doing that when I was a kid too!

Not working out so great, Natalie.....

Camden P.

I didn't get to many pictures of the kids together because I thought we'd have more time. Next time!!

This is what happens to baby dolls in our house. Poor baby. Its just weird to walk in a room and see this on the floor.
Miss Priss loves to wear other peoples shoes. If you happen to come to our house and you happen to take off your shoes they will be shoe-napped by this one. Here she is with Emily's cowboy boots on. (Speaking of shoes she now has a favorite pair of shoes that she likes to wear with everything. They are her pink tennis shoes and I tell you even if we hide them she goes to her closet and cries until we open up the door and she can pull them out. Sheesh, its already starting!)
In my slippers. Amy P. brought these to me. They are slippers that have little duster things on them so you can not only keep your feet warm you can also dust your hard wood floors! Genius!!

In Ridgedon's crocs...

And this is one of mine and my sister's kids last week. We surprised them with a trip to Build A Bear. It was supposed to be the water park but we got rained out. Hollyn started school yesterday so we had to get that trip in quick!


M Holly said...

Love those sweet kids! Hope you don't get sick before or on your "honeymoon".

Dawn said...

I am so glad you brought up the thing about packing for your spouse. Mike has done that to me so many times...and it just pushes my buttons. He wants me to pack for him and then if I don't pack something he wanted he will ask me where it is. Boy...that just burns me up!

Anyway...cute pics of the kids! Looks like you had a car full...but I don't see Hannah and Adiah?

Have fun on your "honeymoon" and can't wait to see pics of your ring! Whooo!!! HOOOO!!!

Elissa said...

Lily is a shoe-napper too!! And she has a favorite pair of shoes that she will bring me if I've mistakenly put the "wrong" pair on her. I can just imagine what this will look like at 14... :)

Have a wonderful time on your trip! As if you could have a bad time with that ring! Oh, and that husband that you love :)