Thursday, July 17, 2008

Recap, sort of!

How do you like my frequent blogging? Its been good, huh? Keeping up with the Woods on a daily basis. You're so spoiled by my massive amount of posts....

Anyway, we're having a fun filled summer around here. I'm pretty sure we have not had a night where its just been me, Brian, and the kids since May. We've been on the go as I'm sure many of you can relate!! Not going to try and catch you up on all thats happening. Don't even know if I could remember to tell you the truth. Natalie has gymnastics 4 nights a week so that keeps us running. She is gearing up for the season to start in August, I believe. Emily just had 2 friends, Rebecca and Preston, from Denton come and spend a few days with us. That was lots of fun except for one *little* incident where Preston accidentally got flung off the back end of the golf cart while going down our driveway. I'll let the accused remain nameless but lets just say it wasn't her first time injuring someone with that thing and I'm about to start handing out citations! Ridgedon has had fun this week going to VBS with some of our new friends, the Allisons. Actually, we bought this house from the Allisons and they have been wonderful to help us meet people and get involved! And just to give you a smile...Mrs. Allison's first name is none other than.....*drum roll please*......Allison. Yep, Allison Allison. I love it! The kids have also been having fun hanging out in the creek bed behind our house meeting the other kids that live around us. There are a set of quadruplets going into 4th grade that live directly behind us on the other side of the creek. Natalie is thrilled since she too is going into 4th grade and they will attend the same school. They also have a 7th grader who will go to Emily's school. So that's been alot of fun. Miss Adiah is keeping us busy! She is certainly learning how to be 2! Which is a good thing since her birthday is next week!!! Can you believe that? We are having a party for her this weekend since her actual birthday is the day after my niece is having open heart surgery and we want her to attend. Speaking of all of that, please pray for my sister and her family as they gear up for this much anticipated surgery. They brought Miss Hannah home from China in May and she is doing amazing. We just have to get this surgery done which is not going to be fun but oh so necessary. Pray for her healing and the family stress that any surgery tends to create. We love Hannah!!! I'm sure I'll give more details next week and you can also check my sister's blog here.

Anyway, hopefully this will jump start me into wanting to blog again. You know, sometimes you just go through phases where the desire isn't there. I hope to be better. With Adiah's party coming up I'm sure there will be more. Also, on Sunday afternoon we are having guests until Tuesday morning. So LOTS to blog about in the coming week. See you soon!!

Okay...I LOVE this little series of pictures. This is Adiah spotting the pool through my bedroom door.

Signing for more. (Meaning I want to get in that pool, please)

"Come on Emily get me in that pool."

"Hurry up!!" (as she lovingly *drags* her sister to the door)

"Okay, if you won't take me I'll just climb through this window here." This kid cracks me up!

The gang in the pool. Natalie, Ridge, Rebecca, Emily, and Preston (typical boy!)
Don't you think Natalie and Ridge look so much alike when their hair is wet?

Another fun series of pics. Adiah playing peek a boo.

Where's Adiah?

(wait for it...)

There she is!!!


M Holly said...

I am So - so glad you finally posted. I can't believe we only live 3 miles apart and we are both so busy we don't get to visit! I'm sure you are having a fun summer and I'm glad the kids have met new friends. Seem's like Adiah is doing her part to keep the summer "fun". Hope to see you guys soon!

MattandSara said...

That kid cracks me up. She doesn't say much with her words but she says it ALL with her facial expressions and actions. Can't wait for her party!

Dawn said...

So glad you posted...I know how busy summer can be. Looks like the kids are having fun! Adiah is so adorable. I like the pic of her trying to climb out of your door...that is too cute!

Mimi Martin said...

FINALLY!!! I am sooo addicted, that yes, almost a month of checking this site without new pics and stories was very hard. LOL So thanks for the fix. Can't get enough of you all!! Adiah is precious as always. See ya tomorrow.

Dianne Doiron said...

Finally!!! I figured you must be busy....I checked each day to see if you had some quiet time to post.
Your gang is growing fast...Miss Adiah is a the pic of her trying to go through the glass door.

Please give her a big birthday Hug from us. (I was hoping to be able to come for a visit soon...BUT...)

MattandSara said...

Do you get the impression that your a blog slacker?!

Amy Woods said...



These are the days... said...

Amy! Sorry I didn't contact you while we were in Texas. I really couldn't believe I ran into you and you didn't run as fast as you could away from me!!! :-)

I'm still waiting for wedding pictures! Add that to your slacker list!

I love the pictures of Adiah with your other kids! They look like they've been siblings from the start.

Elissa said...

Welcome back, blog slacker! Actually I can't really talk- mine's been a little quiet lately too. It's just too hot.

From yours and your sister's blog posts, I noticed a couple new things our little darlings have in common: mullets until their recent haircuts, strawberry jammies from Target, and a love for what Lily calls the "poo" :)