Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hannah Banana

Ok, is the day!! Hannah is having her surgery today starting at 12ish. We're so excited that this day has arrived...a day for new beginnings! But we are also uneasy about all that goes into a surgery like this. So I just wanted to stop by and ask you to remember to pray today for my sweet niece. Pray for the doctors, the family, Hannah and all the things that NEED to happen with her recovery. Thank you, Lord, that Hannah is in your hands. Thank you for your sweet peace that is already surrounding this family. We love you, Lord, and ask for BIG things to happen today. May even one person come to know your Name through all of this. We give you the glory!!!

Will keep you all posted as I can....

Sweet Banana!

Hannah wagging her finger at the cat. Apparently Hannah has seen that happen a time or two!

And stay tuned tomorrow for a special birthday post! SOMEONE is turning TWO!!

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Jenn said...

Praying for Hannah today!