Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More pics....

I don't know why I can only get 5 pictures on one post at a time. I've tried downsizing the pictures and everything. Go figure! Any suggestions? Okay, here are a few more.

Emily's room

Natalie's room...she is still in that bed. I thought me taking pictures would force her to get up. No such luck.

This is a little room on the backside of the house. They called it the flex room. Its small and odd shaped so Brian decided it will be his music room. His dream come true!


heart21 said...

Love the House.
Thanks for sharing the photos!
Can't wait to see it in person!
Love ya lots!

Amy Pierce said...

The house is beautiful! As for the 5 picture thing - when I did that post with the million pictures of our kids together, I could only upload them 5 at a time, but I just kept going back to the picture icon and doing five more - you may have already tried that, though. I love the house pictures; now I'm waiting for some of Great Wolf Lodge. (hint, hint!)