Thursday, June 19, 2008

Great Wolf Lodge

***Big shout out to Amy P. who told me how to do more than 5 pictures at a time!! Now I wish I'd done them in the order in which I wanted to talk about them but oh well!

Last weekend before the crazy move Brian and I took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge for our *family vacation* for the summer. It was totally awesome and the kids LOVED it!! It is a completely kid friendly place. The major thing about this place is it has an indoor water park! So you can go anytime of year and hit the wave pool!! . I was concerned about Adiah liking the water but she couldn't get enough of it! Our room looked like a log cabin on the inside, too! There was a separate sleeping area for the kids inside the cabin and the parents slept out in the other section. There is also this crazy scavenger hunt that the kids got to go on. I can't do it justice to explain it here but it was wild and sent us up and down 8 floors the entire weekend! The only *bad* thing that happened was early Sunday morning, (which we were getting up early anyway to get home to start packing) while the kids were still trying to wake up, the fire alarm went off and the entire hotel had to vacate the building! I'm talking EVERYONE!! Even those still with eye boogers and pj's on! Apparently, there was a fire in the kitchen. But Brian, who thinks quick on his feet, decided we weren't risking not being able to get back in the building for hours to get our stuff would gather everything and just leave. We are not the example to follow in an emergency. Everything we've ever been taught about just getting your loved ones out and leaving the other stuff behind went out the window!! Brian even stopped at the front desk to pay our bill on the way out. We're nuts! But it was a fabulous weekend and we just relaxed and enjoyed each others company!!

Ridge posing next to the little mouse painted on the wall next to his bed...

Nat hanging out next to her friend...

Adiah getting ready to go swimming....cute little water bug!

Pondering deep things over a cheese pizza...

The firetruck!!

On our way there Miss Priss conked out!

Ready for their adventure!

The fabulous room!!

Having a little daddy playtime on the bed

Emily hanging with her friend next to her bed!

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Dianne Doiron said...

So glad you got to enjoy a vacation before the big you wish you could take another one right about now! I love your least this way I can watch your precious ones grow up.