Saturday, December 15, 2007

Big ol' post!!

I guess its time that I do a new post. What do you think? My friend, Britney, would prefer this gets done on a more regular basis but I like to keep her hanging!! Sorry, Brit! I think this post will be the last thing I do on the computer for a few days. I need to walk away. My sister suggested it and I agree. I need to stop checking all things related to the adoption. I think I'll spend that time soaking in the Lord (and maybe doing some shopping and eating of bon bons) instead. Basically, in a nutshell, we are still waiting for our RA. Several came in to our agency yesterday but we were not one of them. Today is day 58 for us. I'm sad by that but also know that the Lord has plans for us. Plans to prosper us and not harm us, plans to give us hope and a future!! So I guess for a few days I am going to fast from the computer. How about that?!?!

Moving on...Emily has changed alot in the last couple of weeks! She had been asking me every night to braid her hair wet so it would be kinky the next day. That look isn't always the best, if you know what I mean. So finally, I said "Emily, I'm not sure they even do these anymore(sort of just kidding) but maybe you should get a perm". Long story short we went to Regis and she got one! I was very skeptical because the last time I had a perm was in the 80's. And those are not all together fond memories. Big hair!!!! The thought make me shiver! But this one is very calm and Emily does not like to do a whole lot to it. Also, in that same week, she got her braces off for a while. She looks so grown up! It's very sad and good all at the same time. She has also decided that she would like to try out for honor choir. She auditions this Tuesday. Thirteen 5th graders from all participating elementary schools will sing in a concert in March. So we'll see what Tuesday holds. She is also taking a break from horse lessons for the month of December. She was feeling burned out so we'll see in January if she wants to go back.

Last weekend, Natalie had her state meet in gymnastics. This is the final competitive meet of the season. She has improved so drastically this year! Its amazing to watch. Anyway, this is the meet where not everyone gets a ribbon or medal just for competing. Remember, she is level 4. girl got a medal in EVERY event last weekend!! Yes!! She got 2 bronze medals, 2 silver medals, and her team took home a gold trophy!! She was very proud of herself as were we! We had some friends over later in the week and as I was telling them about her meet she chimed in with "And that's not the only thing.....(inserted more about herself here). The only negative thing that happened that day was Ridgedon got in trouble several times by many people, his parents included, for doing his heely's right in front of the parents trying to watch their daughters. There was about to be a thrown down when one man tried to come up in the stands, take him from us, and yell at him some more. I don't think so!

On Monday, Ridgedon came home from school and informed us that he and another girl had been chosen as the Marvelous Mavs for the week. Out of the entire school, Ridgedon was honored for being respectful, responsible, and there is another r. I can't remember it right now. Isn't that awesome? We were so proud of him!! Unfortunately, on the same day he also got a "sad note" in his folder from his teacher. Interesting. It had been wet outside and the teacher instructed the class to only play on the basketball court as to not get muddy. Ridgedon went anyway. When I asked him if he just forgot (hoping he would say yes) he said "No. I just wanted to go." I have an honest boy. He was punished. On Friday, he and the other girl who was Marvelous Mav got to be on the closed circuit news "show" that the school does every morning. He was big stuff!!

Well, there you go. When I hear anything about our adoption, I will be sure to post. Please, if you think about it, pray. Pray for Adiah. Pray for peace. He is giving it to us and we are learning so much about trusting Him. Have a fabulous week!!


Britney K said...

YEAH! I love your new post! Praying for and loving you. Oh and hello, you know a voice teacher should you ever need one! I'm sure he'd give you a free deal. :)

Britney K said...

By you... I meant Emily. HA! Or you should you decide to take up Choir. LOL!

MattandSara said...

Love the new look. Girl, I have this vision of you resting under eagles wings right now. It's a safe place but also a place to "be in" what ever you are feeling right now. Rest there and when you are ready to go out again your Father will let you know. I love you.

Rebekah said...

Your kids are looking so grown up and they are all so gorgeous! Your family is constantly in my thoughts and prayers... Love you, God bless!!

Kari said...

I love the new look of your blog! It sounds like you're staying busy as usual. Merry Christmas! Love y'all!