Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lazy Days of Summer...gone!

I just love summer! I really do! I love the laziness (sort of) of it. Sleeping a little later than normal, swimming, no homework. Well, today we got back to organized schedule days. Not that I don't love a good schedule! School started this morning and I officially now have a 5th grader, 3rd grader, and 1st grader. Could it be? We celebrated our last day of summer vacation yesterday by sleeping late, going to IHOP for a late breakfast, shopping for school food(if your a mom you know what I mean), and then topped it off with gymnastics practice and meet the teacher. I am very happy with all of their teachers this year! I think its going to be a good one! This morning was fairly calm going to school. Lots of anxious nerves but everyone did well! Except for mom! Geez, what is my problem? I cried again this morning when dropping off Ridgedon in his class. First grade is just so different from kindergarten. Lots more expectations and learning! But everyone had a great first day! I'll leave you with a quote from Emily telling me about her day...."switching classes is so unbelievably cool!"

My first grader!

My 3rd grader!

My 5th grader!

I love these kids!!

The view that made me get teary this morning. I know!!! He's just coloring but he's my baby!!


M Holly said...

I was just reminescing(sp?) about first days of school with Dad. Oh, how I hated it when you kids came home on the first day. I was always up so late doing MY homework! Do you moms have all sorts of papers to read, fill out, sign, notarize(j.k.), etc.? That was what I disliked the most. Usually my homework went on for at least a week. Just when I thought I would be finished, more paper work!

I love the pics of the kids. I am so glad this is a tradition in your family (and Sara's). I didn't do such memory making things. I must have been a terrible mom. I'm glad they all had a great first day and that the teachers are good. Await to hear more stories of school.

Give my love to all your kiddos and tell them I love them.

Kari said...

Amen to the paperwork. That's what I've been doing for two days now!

Jacinda said...

Looks like they had a great first day!

TriSara said...

What a sweet blog. You are right, 1st grade is very different. They are in REAL school with REAL homework and REAL grades. Scary. Soren got to start switching classes this year, too, and that is so cool. What will you do with all of your time?

MattandSara said...

I can't believe that they are as old as they are. I mean, I still remember, vivedly, the Christmas after Ridge was born (how could I forget, wink, wink) and here he is a first grader.
Mom, I got both of my kids' paperwork at the "meet the teacher" so I was able to have it all done before the first day...that works much better for me.