Friday, August 31, 2007

Last Day of Residency!!

Well today is the day. I can't believe I'm actually saying that! Last night I just laughed and laughed when we were talking about the fact that this day has arrived! Today Brian finishes his medical training. Its been a long time coming and he worked SO hard! We even added a year and half recovery from his car accident in the mix! Congratulations, Brian!! I'm so proud of you...and us! (We also found out last night that Brian passed his board exams! Go Brian!) Thank you, Lord for seeing us through. Thank you for the path you've taken us on. All of this is for Your Glory!
P.S. I have to tell this funny story about what Ridgedon said last night when were talking about this. I told them that today was daddy's last day of "school". Ridge said "His last day of school? You mean....that was just school? Whats he going to do now?". I told him he was going to start his new job and he said "Is it going to be forever? Oh man, not again!" He cracks me up!

My baby boy going off to his last day of school! Notice how I placed him where I take pictures of the kids when they go off to school!! Thanks for humoring me, Brian!


M Holly said...

Awesome! Magnificent! Tremendous! Stupendous! Magnanamous! Sensational! Splendid! Marvelous! Astounding! Wonderful! Superb! Incredible! Way to hang in there, Amy! Ha! Brian, you know I was talking about you. We are so proud of you and Amy and we DO give God all the glory for this great accomplishment!

Kim, Aaron, Jake, and Jack said...

Congratulations! What a super exciting day! And a HUGE accomplishment, to say the least! Congrats again!