Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lost tooth

Well, my baby boy lost his first tooth last night. I really can't believe it! Actually this is a funny story. My family knows this but you know how most people have four middle teeth before their canine (or whatever they are called..I'm no dentist) teeth start? Well Ridge only had three. I know it sounds funny. Really he had four but two of them were fused together. The dentist says that when he looks at his x-rays there are four adult teeth underneath. Whew! Anyway, he lost what we lovingly call "freak tooth" last night. It was a wonderful, family event. I really don't do well with wobbly teeth so my oldest daughter, Emily, wiggled it for awhile and then Brian came in and did the deed. All this was happening while they were supposed to be sleeping. Interesting!! Well, the tooth fairy paid a visit to his pillow and he was so excited to wake up to a golden dollar and lots of "fairy dust". So here are some pictures of the missing tooth.


MattandSara said...

WooHoo Ridge! I think he's been working on that tooth for two years now. All I know is that your children have given my daughter quite an education regarding teeth. They must have been talking about it the other night at dinner because that night she had a dream that all of her teeth fell out. Also she said that Natalie told her that she (Natalie) was born in China...not too sure about that. Anyway, congrats Ridge!

M Holly said...

And I thought it was Ridge that looked Chinese!

Way to go Ridge. Thanks for coming by this afternoon to show us where you lost your tooth (teeth?) If those were two teeth fused together, shouldn't you have gotten TWO golden dollars?

Mommy Holly

Amy Woods said...

Hush it, Mommy Holly! We're just gonna say it was one tooth!

Amy Woods said...

Ummm Aunt Sara, I did not tell Hollyn that. I told her that we are adopting from China. I was not born in China.
Love, Natiebug

MattandSara said...

I knew you hadn't told her that. I figured she just didn't understand what you said. I told her that you said you were adopting a sister from China too and she said, "Adopting? ALL babies come from China!" So that should tell you that she's a wee bit confused right now. Thanks for the clarification.