Sunday, August 29, 2010

Harley, the dog

Harley is our boxer.

Scratch that.

Harley is Natalie's boxer. She's 8 months old.

Harley didn't come by obedience naturally. What dog does?

So we've enrolled her (although later than we should have) in doggie obedience school.

Natalie is the primary trainer for her in these classes. I just sit by for support and the occasional help if Harley gets out o' control.

We've gone to 4 classes so far. We attend on Sunday evenings and get to do lots of homework during the week. 4 more to go...its a bit of a beat down but don't tell my lovely daughter that!

Wanted to show some of the progress that has been made by my girl and her dog....

Take it Harley......

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