Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cinderella came to Adiah's party!

I never had a daughter who was so into "princesses" like Adiah is. Which made the theme for her 4th birthday party this year super easy! Her birthday is actually the 25th but since Brian and I will be on a Mediterranean cruise that day(poor us!) we had her birthday party this past weekend. We had family and friends over to celebrate her special day with her!! And, boy, was Adiah surprised when her favorite princess of all, Cinderella, showed up to join the festivities!!!

The morning of her party she woke up and immediately wanted to put this tutu on. So typical! Another thing that was sweet was she came into eat breakfast and said "Mommy/Daddy came to China to get me?". We talk alot about China with her. About how she grew in her China mommy's tummy but how she came to live with us "fow evah and evah". It was neat how she happened to talk about it again the morning of her party!

Running out to the princess bounce house we rented. That was her big request for her party...little did she know!

The castle cake she also requested! We ordered this from Gimme Sugar Bakery in Midlothian. They did an amazing job!

Uncle Jason played "Prince says" before our special guest arrived. The party guests didn't know we were killing time...

And then the doorbell rang and Adiah came to the door to see her special friend, Cinderella!! She literally stood there trying to figure out what to do. Cinderella asked if she could come in and join the party and Adiah said..."Sure. Come in. Come in Finawella!". So incredibly sweet!! Cinderella came in and immediately took over the festivities. The following pics are sort of out of order but I'll try and explain...

She did a craft with the boys and girls. Each girl made a wand and each boy made a sword. She pulled these out of her 'Mary Poppins' type bag.

She had a story time with them where she read the story of "Cinderella" to them. I was surprised how kids and adults alike were quiet during this!

Cake time was so sweet because Adiah could hardly contain herself when we sang to her. She has been waiting for this day for a LONG time!

Cinderella also gave Adiah a very special gift just from her. She read the card to her and helped her open her gift. I couldn't believe how attentive she was!

Other things Cinderella did was help the kids play "pin the kiss on the frog" and she did a dancing parade with them. I was SO pleased with how this all turned out! I even had adults tell me that they had so much fun at this little kid's party!

All of the prince and princesses who came to the party! What troopers those boys were! Although, they didn't have a choice because they are all family members or small groups friends!

At the end, Cinderella, had a picture taking time with the kids. Adiah just looked at me and said..."Mommmy. Finawella loves me!". Make my heart melt, please!

Look at her sweet hand on Cinderella's face! Too sweet!

Adiah was SO tired by this point! Can you see it in her face?

Ahh...my forever princess. We love you so much, Miss Adiah Hope! Happy Birthday!!!

Thank you to all the friends and family who helped us celebrate our special princess!!

*Thanks to my sister in law Gina who sent me the "good" pictures from this post!

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MattandSara said...

I think I've enjoyed Adiah's "princess phase" about as much as Hollyn's "princess phase." She is so much a princess herself! We had a great time at the party and Hannah has been talking about "No why" (Snow White--not really sure why but she's focused in on that princess).